Sunday, June 17, 2007

Meeting of the minds

This coming weekend, June 22-24, fifty fundraising professionals
representing 25 independent companies will meet at a hotel in the
Washington DC area to discuss current trends in fundraising.... what
works, what doesn't work, how to address the new wellness policies,
changes in consumer purchasing patterns, and a number of other topics
that will affect what each company does in the coming year.

Moody Associates is pleased to be the co-host, along with AGI
Fundraising, for this conference.

Many of the successful new and innovative ideas we have brought to
our clients came from this conference over the past several years.
Attending will be owners of small regional fundraising companies from
Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, California,
Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Washington, Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho, New
Jersey, and other states. We have one member in the group from any
state, and none of us compete with each other and none of us are

You will not read of any of the new ideas in this blog, because we
keep them confidential. Only member companies and our client groups
benefit from the results of this annual conference.

Although each company is small and regional, you as our client will
have the benefit of many years of fundraising experience in a similar
market to ours.

Contact us after June 24 and set up a program for your organization.
You will benefit from the latest trends and information from the best
minds in the industry.