Friday, July 30, 2010


The Mackenzie Collection and 'Tis the Season are now sold out. All
the brochures are gone to other groups. We do not reprint, so there
is never any chance of us running out of product.

The good news is that we have several other wonderful lines that we
just added. WOW has many of the items from Mackenzie and Tis the
Season in a new format, plus it has new items not in the other programs.

We have added the entire line from S'kool Smartz and the entire line
from UniPak supply to take up the slack. These are quality lines that
we used in the past, and only left them because of higher
transportation costs for us. To serve our customers better we have
added them back.

Also we carry the complete line from Wolfgang Candy, in business
manufacturing quality Chocolate products in York PA since the
1920's. This is a family-owned company just like all the others with
which we work.

Check out all our lines at