Friday, July 27, 2007

Sine qua non

Sine qua non or conditio sine qua non was originally a Latin legal term for "without which it could not be" ("but for"). It refers to an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient. In recent times it has passed from a merely legal usage to a more general usage in many languages.   Back in high school I learned it as "without which, nothing." 

So what is the Sine qua non for success on a brochure fundraiser? People have to look at the brochure long enough to find something to buy. The current "shopper" brochures with wrap, food, and gifts have so many items on a page that it's almost overwhelming. The average "look time" per two-page spread is three seconds. Three seconds, turn the page, 3 seconds, turn the page, 3 seconds turn the page, etc. and then say "no thanks."

But.... if there are only 3-4 items per page or only 3-4 pages, people will spend 20-30 seconds per two-page spread and will look long enough to find something to buy. Simple, isn't it? 

I guess you have figured out that our programs meet this test.  That's why our client groups raise more money.   How's this for a simple path to success?

Want to give it a try.... email me and we'll start a conversation that may increase your fundraising success.