Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fall 2013 Programs are ready

Our packets were mailed out to 250 schools in Virginia and West Virginia several weeks ago.  If you are outside that area and want a packet of brochures mailed to you, just contact us at bob@fundraisingcentral.net

We are pleased with our fall line.  We have shoppers, frozen food, flower bulbs, cookie dough, "Dodo Bags" (beautiful purses and totes), and more.

We are gearing up to produce our prize videos in early June, and expect them to be spectacular.

As always, our main focus is on our client groups--providing a lasting investment in the future of our children through quality fundraising programs.

We would like your organization on our 2013-14 success list.  We know we can raise the funds you need, using products you will be proud to deliver, sold at prices people will gladly pay.

Call 1-800-326-9192 or email bob@fundraisingcentral.net

Check out all the programs at www.fundraisingcentral.net