Friday, May 16, 2008

Frozen Food Sales are UP!

Just this month we had two of our "regular" clients show increases in
sales, even in light of high gas prices and increasing food prices.
Our frozen food suppliers have already locked in prices of ingredients
based on commodity futures, so we know we have a stable price
structure, and as prices of other items go up, our prices remain low.
Frozen foods for fundraising become ever more attractive to the end
consumer as prices at the pump and the supermarket go up. In
addition, we communicated the NEED for funds to the community on both
of these MAY sales. Both groups were school groups, and running
school sales in May is generally considered an exercise in futility,
but both of these sales were overwhelming successes. We can't
generalize from just two examples, but feel that we just may have
found the path to success for all our client groups in this difficult

Thursday, May 1, 2008

NEW: Educational Game Show

Testing and time on task have taken their toll on creative teaching, time for the arts, and even fund raising projects.

What if we could pull them all together and improve test scores, foster creativity and raise a little money along the way?  What if we could do that without selling any products? 

Simply put, if you take the popular "game show" format, add questions based on your curriculum and the expectations of your testing program, and add pledges, you have "Learn and Earn."   We use  an exclusive high-tech game system set, like the ones on TV,  that we bring to your school along with a professional actor to run the one-day event.


How does raising $5,000 to $15,000 in a one week project with a one-day event sound to you? This program has been doing just that in Florida for some time and it is now time to bring it to your area.


The best way to see this in action is in the video link on our web site. 
Just click here to go to our Educational Game Show web page and then click on the quicktime video link.

There's an email link on the web page.   Your students deserve this quality program!