Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fall sales will be strong

We always offer the best quality products form the most reliable sources. This fall we continue with two product lines from Unipak Supply--"Simply Delicious" and "Extravaganza" which both have been very strong performers. We offer quality wrapping paper shoppers from several sources, and also offer quality cookie dough from several sources. You can choose between preportioned or tubs, and between shelf-stable at room temperature using ultra-pasteurized eggs in the mix and a "homemade" recipe with real butter and fresh eggs.

We continue to offer full service. We design the parent letter, collate it with brochures and order forms, and count the sets out for each classroom or team. We offer a high-energy kickoff pep rally that increases sales dramatically. We train your volunteers on the various techniques and methods that will give you a low-effort, high production sale.

If you want the very best from an experienced and financially-stable firm, give us a call at 800-326-9192 or email!